Ta-wer Egyptology
Series 3: The Second Covid Intermediate Period

It now appears that the pestilence afflicting Lego Pharaoh's kingdom dragged on far longer than initially expected. New excavations by a crack team of Lego-ologists have revealed another cache of imagery documenting this enigmatic period, known as the Second Covid Intermediate Period. Over the coming weeks as the scrolls are examined and decoded, we will post details of these exciting new discoveries.

Work in The Treasury was very much fueled by copious quantities of beer. Today however everything ground to a halt and nothing more could be done - the Server was down!!!

Everyone was stocking up with provisions - oh the frustration! GRW just could not book a delivery slot. The On-Nile shopping service was just too busy.

Remote working was the order of the day so having a bit of hacking to attend to, Mummy trundled up into the mountains. Finding a suitably remote location, he set to work on his amulets.

Pharaoh was quite frankly puzzled when he returned from Kadesh. He thought he had won the great battle for power and influence fair and square. All the hands had been counted and he clearly had a majority, but still his opponent would not concede defeat.

The Strictly Come Dancing judges had wildly different opinions on GRW's interpretation of the traditional muu dance.

This morning Pharaoh was in a bit of a panic. His normally elegant consort was, to put it bluntly, suffering from a complete loss of taste. Was she ill? or was this just her normal private exercise attire?

As the living incarnation of Horus, Pharaoh was a member of the frequent flyer club. Alas, it was becoming increasingly difficult to fly anywhere during the Second Covid Intermediate Period. Mummy secretly thought that maybe, just maybe, Pharaoh should cut down on the honey bread consumption.

Mummy and friends sometimes go the the Ka Park to visit the Ba Bar which is renowned for its cutting edge wrap music band and serves dead good beer.