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The Buried 'Menageries' of Abydos

John Weguelin - The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat (1886) from Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

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Lecturer: Paul Whelan
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Review: Both lectures were wonderful and I learned things that were completely new — such a treat!
The site of Abydos is best known for its magnificent temples, royal tombs and vast necropolis filled with human interments from all phases of ancient Egyptian history. Less well known are the incredible number of animal species buried at Abydos; from lions to lizards, birds to beetles, all manner of creatures great and small are represented there.

Lecture 1: All Creatures Great and Small
(and not just the mummified ones)

The first lecture will give an overview of the many animals buried at Abydos from the beginning of Egyptian history until Roman domination with a look at the possible reasons why they were chosen.

Lecture 2: Cobern's Canine Catacombs

The second lecture introduces a little-known Egyptologist who wrote about his part in the excavation of the most elaborate animal cemetery at Abydos found to be filled with tens of thousands of dogs.

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