Ta-wer Egyptology
Study Day:
El- Assasif before Hatshepsut

Date: Saturday 2nd May

Lecturer: Paul Whelan

Venue: 15Hatfields Conference Centre.
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Time: 10am - about 5pm

Price: £59.99 (includes plenty of coffee or tea, a buffet lunch, afternoon cake and lovely biscuits)

If you would rather go out to buy lunch and not enjoy the delicious food on offer:
Price without lunch: £48.99

'The high quality content and superb venue facilities make Ta-wer Study Days well worth the price of the event' AW

'The food was delicious, and so much easier and more fun than having to bring a packed lunch!'

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Ta-wer lecture review:
Paul's breadth of knowledge, ability to impart fresh perspectives and present his subject in an accessible and engaging way make for a highly enjoyable and thought provoking day".
Study day lectures:

1) Baywatch

2) Tale of a model citizen

3) Digging for blue blood

4) Taking over from the Earl

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Future Plans:
recorded mini lectures, Specialist Photography
Online distance learning
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