Ta-wer Egyptology

'El-Assasif before Hatshepsut'

with Paul Whelan
THIS STUDY DAY WAS POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19. The four lectures will now be run using Zoom.
October 3rd 2020. Recordings now available!

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'Bringing Scraps to the Table of Knowledge'

Paul Whelan and Wolfram Grajetzki (November 2019)
Urban planning for eternity
●Just small lumps of clay? Seals and sealing in the Middle Kingdom
●Temple, tomb and rubbish
●Rituals revealed from beneath the sea
Course Summary

Mini-me to Menagerie - Ancient Egyptian magical objects in context

(Paul Whelan and Gianluca Miniaci) May 2019
Course summary and reviews

‘Paul provided a fascinating insight into the development of early funerary figures wonderfully challenging pre-conceptions about early Shabti figures, a thought-provoking and informative day’.

Aspects of Abydos (October 2018):
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‘Paul has the ability to combine an accessible introduction to a topic with a comprehensive synthesis and exploration of more complex research and thoughts that stimulates a new way of approaching a site or topic that you may already know well. The Ta-wer Study Day on Abydos was both informative and enjoyable, hopefully there will be more to come!’

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